Access for all at 2877 metres

Perched up high in the Pyrenees, the Pic du Midi is a majestic spot; it is also accessible to the great majority of visitors. Our teams are well versed in welcoming visitors with disabilities. Whether it’s simply being on hand to provide information, or helping with access to the cable car, the terraces, buildings, facilities and so on, we have done our very best to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the mountain in complete autonomy.



Access at the Pic du Midi in practice

Whether you are a senior citizen or you suffer from a disability, whether you have special needs or you need a manual or electronic wheelchair to get around, you can still get up close and personal with the stars. Just make your way to the top! The vast majority of the facilities at the Pic du Midi have been designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Form the cable car to the museum, from the terraces to the information boards, from the restaurant to the lavatories… virtually everything can be accessed. And if you do need help, our staff are on hand all through your trip.

Using a wheelchair

  • Arrival

    As soon as you arrive, perhaps after a trip to Lourdes, everything has been laid out to make your route through the site as easy as it can be. It all starts with a special shuttle service. (Please book in advance).


  • Thibault LASIE (1)Once you’re at La Mongie, you’re on your way to the stars. The entrance and exit of the cable car are level with the platform, and that includes of course the halfway station at Le Taoulet. Right the way through this wonderful ascent, the cabin operative will make sure everything goes off without a hitch.
  • Sophie FRAIOLI ponton

    At the summit

    Then, once you’re at the top, a designated route across the panoramic terraces awaits you. This is 95% accessible. Breathe in that pure fresh mountain air, observe the nature, learn all about the site from the information boards which are placed at wheelchair-friendly height. Access to the museum is by a lift which conforms to all the appropriate accessibility regulations, as do the lavatory facilities.

  • Stop for lunch

    No problem settling comfortably into our dining room at the restaurant. And when it’s time to leave, you will be able to stop by our shop to pick up a souvenir of your stay up in the stars. And don’t forget, all the way through your mountain experience, our team are never far away should you need a hand.

*Despite our best efforts and our desire to render the site completely accessible, there are some activities which we regret we are unable to offer everyone. This is true of the overnight stay, developed some time after we opened to the public, which is hosted in our staff quarters and which is only accessible by stairs. Therefore, if you need to make use of a wheelchair, you will unfortunately not be able to spend the night at the Pic.

The Pic du Midi welcomes people with different disabilities, whether or not in a wheelchair, throughout the year. Indeed, we often receive groups of disabled people or senior citizens, who may take advantage of the facilities developed for wheelchair users such as ramps and so on. The cable car cabins are suitable for wheelchair users, dependant on the number of visitors at any one time.

Organise a trip

If you are looking to organise a trip for disabled people or for senior citizens, please contact our reservation service, who will be able to help you with your preparations.

Contact our reservation service

Inclusive experiences, inclusive thrills

A little boy in the stars

10-year-old Thomas arrived at the Pic du Midi in his wheelchair. Together with his guide dog, he was able to enjoy a wonderful experience. He went back home with his cheeks flushed from the mountain air and his eyes wide open with amazement. To thank us, he sent us one or two pictures of his visit.

Please note: our four-legged friends are not generally allowed at the summit for reasons of hygiene and safety. This does not apply to guide dogs, which are permitted with certain precautions in place.

When the sensation goes beyond the view

The adventure at the summit is not simply a question of the view. That’s what we learnt from a group of visually impaired visitors who came to spend the day with us. It’s emotion too. It starts with the trip in the cable car, suspended in the sky, the noises of the cabin, the gentle sway. Then at the top, it’s the sun, the brisk air, the perception of an atmosphere quite different from that down below, the sound of the birds… dozens of sensations to experience once in a lifetime.

A teacher over the moon

For this teacher who took his group to the summit, the experience was just as unforgettable and full of emotion. His charges, all with special needs, experienced the Pic 100%, from the trip up in the cable car with its disconcerting swaying, the slight feeling of vertigo, the remarkable view and the snow to the fun activities at the summit. A real time of discovery for these young people and a unique moment for their teacher.

Some precautions

The Pic du Midi is totally committed to providing a warm welcome to everyone; however, do still bear in mind that the site is located high up in the mountains and as such requires certain precautions to be taken. Please also note that certain health issues are not compatible with a trip at altitude.

It is your responsibility or that of your doctor to establish whether or not your state of health is compatible with a rapid ascent to 3000 metres.

pregnant women

people with a history of heart problems

children under the age of three

Accessibility: continued improvement

The level of our services has already been praised by our visitors, and our team are fully committed to making that the norm. We need to deal with numerous difficulties connected with locations which are open to the public, or indeed the layout of places and the architecture of historic buildings. However, new arrangements are constantly being made with work already underway, especially the signage at the site.

Joëllette au Pic du Midi

Joelettes to get to the top

The local committee for disabled sport in conjunction with mountain guide Patrick Soulan, has undertaken an initiative to give those people who cannot walk the opportunity to access the mountain paths in a joelette – an all-terrain wheelchair. If you are interested, please contact :

Depuis votre ordinateur

Rates for disabled people

Disabled people are entitled to a discount

35€ 40

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