A magical night at the summit of the Pic du Midi

The Pic du Midi invites you to a night overflowing with the emotion of discovery. Sunset and sunrise, night under the stars, access to the observation domes and the brand new planetarium, all that and more for our VIP guests. Why not you?


Your program

  • MATTHIEU PINAUD Pic du Midi - vue aérienne

    The ascent

    As the day is coming to a close, take the cable car. And just as all the tourists are coming down, you, our privileged guest, are on your way up to spend the night at the Pic.

    As soon as you arrive at the summit, as the day is gently ebbing away, you still have time to stroll out on to the terrace and admire the Pyrenees range. Whether or not they are snow-covered, they offer themselves up in all their splendour.
  • At the summit

    Once you’ve arrived, you will be accompanied to your room. Then you are free to make the most of the site while you are waiting for the welcome cocktails we have prepared for you.
  • Soirée étoilée été


    And then it’s the first key moment of the evening: from the terrace you watch as the sun slowly sets behind the mountains of the Pyrenees, playing hide and seek with them, glowing before vanishing in a moment to give way to the night.
  • Régie Pic du Midi Restaurant dessert 2019 pavlova

    Traditional dinner

    As the stars take their position above you in the Pic du Midi International Dark Sky Reserve, you are cordially invited to the restaurant where our chef has prepared a traditional dinner for you.
  • Star-gazing

    Enjoy your meal and get nice and warm: the night will be long and wonderful. After dinner, your guide will talk you through the observation of the stars. If you are a dedicated astronomer, this is for you! You are invited to the Charvin dome where the 400 mm Smith-Cassegrain telescope is waiting for you. All this, along with the activities, prepared in conjunction with our partners at la Ferme des Etoiles (Fleurance- Gers).
  • A mountain room

    Now it’s time for you to make you way back to your room. These rooms were occupied up to recent times by the scientists, astronomers and technicians who are responsible for the Pic’s reputation and renown. A simple room but a comfortable one, and one with an unrivalled view over the mountains and up to the stars.
  • Sunrise

    Well, you didn’t come here for a lie-in, did you? If you want to see the majestic sunrise over the Pyrenees, you will have to get up nice and early. And afterwards, a good substantial continental breakfast will be served up to you at the restaurant.
  • Scientific facilities

    But your visit isn’t over yet. We will take you on a visit to the domes in the scientific facilities (exclusive to the nights at the summit programme, as these are fully functioning and not open to the public). This is organised together with our partners at the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées.
  • Back down to earth

    Later in the morning, you will go back down to La Mongie, with stars in your eyes, your mind full of new things and your soul overflowing with emotion…

Practical information

The number of places for a night at the summit is limited to 27 people per night. The facilities consist of twelve double and three single rooms.

Les dates des Nuits au sommet

Dates for your night at the summit

For dates and availability please consult our online sales page .



Remember, the Pic is 2877 metres above sea level. To get the most out of the activities which take place outside, make sure you have warm clothing, whatever the season: hat, gloves, good shoes, polar-neck sweater, coat and so on



You may want to come equipped with binoculars and a lamp (torch or headlamp) which must be red light only – this causes less light pollution and will help you move around as well as giving you the best chance to observe the night sky with fresh eyes.

Votre nuit

Your night

To preserve the authenticity of the place, we chose to maintain sobriety and configuration of the rooms as they were originally designed. Of course, the comfort was improved and although it’s a bit different from a hotel, we bet on the fact that you will spend a very good night! How could it be different with this breathtaking view of the Pyrenees?

Practical: The sheets, duvets and towels are provided. A washbasin is available in the room. Showers and toilets are on the landing.

Votre repas

Your dinner

Your meal is included in the price

Les accès et parking

Access and Parking

Parking at La Mongie is free of charge. During the winter months, parking is regulated to allow for snow clearance.

For any further information, click on : Find us here

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Description : Parking gratuit à la Mongie. Le stationnement est règlementé en hiver, pour permettre le déneigement.

Personnes handicapées

Disabled access

Access to the two floors where the rooms are situated requires the use of a staircase (the rooms being originally designed for the staff of the Pic). We regret therefore that there is no wheelchair access.

Autres informations utiles

Other useful information

The activities will be carried out in French only

Animals are not permitted


All inclusive cost of a single room €459
All inclusive cost of a double room €509 for two people


Online booking see below

Groups and businesses: the Pic du Midi offers bespoke evenings – please see our page on groups or business seminars

Make a gift of a night at the summit

Nights at the summit are also available as a gift voucher at the rate of 529€ for 2 people (additional adminstrative fees)

Valid for one year from the date of purchase, gift-wrapped

Booking: Night at the summit

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