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Discover each stage of your day visit to the Pic du Midi.
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The ascent

Your day at the Pic begins with a memorable cable car ride from La Mongie.

The first section takes you to the Taoulet intermediate station. Change platforms and another cabin awaits you for the second, more spectacular part, with a maximum flight of 320 metres.

Then it's on to the summit. Direct access to the panoramic terraces, with a breathtaking view of the 300km Pyrenees mountain range.

At the summit, 2877m

Use the panoramic tables to learn how to identify the peaks.

While the interpretation tables help you discover the environment of the Pyrenees, enjoy a presentation of the panorama by our guides.

The opportunity to discover the program of visits organized by our Animation team, available on arrival at the summit all day long.

The sky pontoon!

An open-access journey through the landscape!

Suspended above the void, a 12-metre-long metal footbridge with a glass end skims the clouds for a unique, vertiginous view.

Hold on tight to the horizon as the void beneath your feet beckons! Sensations you've never experienced before!

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Experiences area

Science meets nature in the heart of the Pic du Midi.

This brand new facility uses fun experiments to help you discover the key research themes at the Pic du Midi: the sun, cosmic rays, stars, the atmosphere, meteorites, etc.

Histopad (tablets) also allow you to discover the historical evolution of the observatory, reconstructions and anecdotes which will complete your visit experience.

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Panoramic lunch

There are two options for your lunch break!

Once at the top, you can choose between a gourmet lunch in our restaurant 2877 or a quick bite to eat in our bistrO snacking. In both establishments we focus on local cuisine.

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The planetarium

A planetarium like no other! Located under the Baillaud dome, it's a place steeped in history and science.

This is the observatory's oldest astronomical installation. It was transported to the Peak on the backs of men and mules for two years, in 1907 and 1908.

After a century of astronomical research and discoveries, the Baillaud dome is enjoying a new lease of life as home to Europe's highest planetarium!

*Session in addition to a Day Ticket

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Observatory dome

In the heart of the former dome that housed the Sidérostat, a show on telescope lets you observe the sun !

A visual and sound show alternates between an animated film and a low-angle view of the telescope "in action".

*Session in addition to a Day Ticket

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Tourmalet House

Plan an extra experience to discover even more!

The Maison du Tourmalet, due to open in 2023, focuses on the theme of light pollution. There's also a photo exhibition on the history of the Pic du Midi at 7 km from La Mongie.

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